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Golden Antique Radio Service

We restore antique radios from the "Golden age of Radio"!

Philco 21B

We'd love to discuss your old radio with you. We work on vacuum tube radios from 1925 through 1960. Just fill out the form down below. We need to know what you have so we can give you an accurate estimate. Once you do that, then you can plan on a phone call from us to discuss the details of what you have and what we do to put you heirloom back to factory new condition.

Don't be alarmed if your browser prompts you that the site is not secure when you go to send me that message. It's going to my e-mail directly and you will not have any issues. It's just reminding you that you're leaving a message across a public page that could be seen IF you had the credentials to get to it. That page can only be seen by ME. You need the passwords to get to it. My web service provider is VERY secure.

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