Chassis Restoration

      Most of the radios that I see here are 70 years old.  The only way to restore these pieces to reliable operation is to replace the components that make up the circuitry of the radio.  In my opinion, there is no way to "save" a lot of the old pieces that are there.  I cannot reliably warranty your radio and leave the old stuff in there.  In addition, a lot of the old wiring is replaced as well.  Much of it was rubber covered and the insulation falls off and becomes a shock or fire hazard.  You don't want that problem.  So these items are all replaced with NEW components that restore the radio to like new performance and a higher level of reliability and safety that wasn't there before.  Most of these radios were built without fuses.  I install them as a matter of course, for the same reason.  The idea here is to give you a radio that is safe, reliable and still looks like it did when it came out of the factory years ago.  


Golden Antique Radio Service

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