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Sometimes I'm amazed at who/what appears in the restoration business.  The lady and gentleman who are the genius behind the cabinet restoration end of my business are people who I went to high school with.  Go Figure.  Bruce and Sandy  Lach ( pronounched Latch) of Timeless Arts Restoration (antique fuirniture, et. al.) are  without equal in the restoration/refinishinig business.  His website is . Bruce and Sandy have nearly seventhy years in the high quality  furniture industry.  They have both worked for work such names as Kindel, Sligh, Baker and Widdicomb  Furniture.  If I tried, I would be hard pressed to find the expertise in repair, restoration, and artistry that these two individuals have.   One couldn't BUY this kind of knowleddge and skill.  Why do I "brag " them up?  Because the wood furniture industry was built on this skill and, sadly, it is a dying art.  When these people are gone, there will be nobody to do what they do.  I am VERY FORTUNATE To have them doing your cabinet repair/restoration.  One of the things that people need on radio cabinets is "photofinish" repair/restoration.  Most people don't even know what "photofinish"  is or if their radio has it on it.  Simply put, photofinish is decorative work applied to the cabinet to dress it up.  It is very fragile, easily destroyed and difficult to reconstruct .  I'm asked, "OK, Kim, what is "photofinish?".  Simply put, is it a method of making plain wood appear as if it is an exotic type of wood instead.  Often, it appears as inlaid veneer.  It accents the cabinet and dresses up the appearance of a cheaper cabinet. If the photofinish, sometimes referred to as "faux finish" is removed or left unrestored, it can ruin the appearance of the piece.  To see what I'm talking about, look at the Zenith 12S568 below.  The first picture is of the cabinet as I received it.  The photo is untouched and the cabinet is ugly, to say the least.  The gentleman who owns this was informed, by his wife, that she wasn't "letting that ugly thing in her house".   

As you can see, a lot of finish is missing and if you notice the center bars on the radio, they look like they are missing veneer.  That is photofinish.  If you notice the darker bands at the top and bottom of the cabinet, that is photofinish as well.  Most cabinet refinishers will tell you that they can't fix this.  They would strip it off and use toners (darker translucent finish) to accent the piece, but the character of the piece would be forever lost.  Not so here.  Check out the picture below.  To quote an old TV commercial, "Is it live, or is it Memorex??"

What you see here, are two identical Zenith 12S568 radios.  One of them has the original, unrestored finish on it and the other is the one that Bruce and Sandy did.  Can YOU tell which is which?  Bruce had to ask me which one was which.  OK, I'll tell you.  The cabinet with the restored faux finish in on the left and the original is on the right.  I will also tell you that the photofinish on the front of this cabinet was completely removed and recreated.  It was too far gone to try to save.  So it was replaced.  I will also tell you that this was done with paint, not a decal as is being done by some other people.  This will NOT COME OFF or change color over time.  The furniture industry has been doing this kind of work for over 100 years, but if you're not working in it, you wouldn't know that.  So if you have a piece that you need restored, this is what you want.  If you have questions, you can call Bruce at 616-453-8309.   You can also send him pictures of your cabinet so that he can see what you have by going to ,sending him an e-mail and attach the pictures.  Then when you call him, he can be more specific on a price for restoration of your cabinet.


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