The radios pictured here are available for purchase.  They in as-found condition, which means that they may need a little to a LOT of work :-).  Most of them are complete as far as main components are concerned, but may need small items such as knobs, bezels, dial glass or covers, grille cloth and the like.  They have not been tested electrically at all, but appear to be in restorable condition.  If they have been tested or are working, that is also noted. If you see a note that the radio hums, then you can assume safely that the speaker and power transformer are good and at least they are working.  You can buy them without my restoring it or you can purchase it and I can do it for you as well.  I can do the chassis, cabinet, or both, your choice.  Take a look at what's here.  You might be surprised at what you find. Thanks for taking the time to look!!


This is the list of table radios that I purchased from John Goller of John Jean Antique Radios.  John took pictures of the radios in groups and a number of them have been sold so I've deleted from the list what has been sold so what you see here is what is currently in stock.  The group pics are still available at his website at the link in the page. One or two are pieces that I had as well.  I've put up a list of Make, model and prices and as I get time I'll post individual pictures with the descriptions.  If you see something you're interested in and a want a detailed picture of it, drop me a note and I'll get one to you.  Thanks for your patience!!


Philco 37-60, bad front finish  $120.00 as is

Philco 20 cathedral  #1 needs front panel (available from Dick Oliver) $80.00

Philco 20 Cathedral #2 Needs front panel (available from Dick Oliver) $140.00

Philco 38 Complete radio with knobs  $100.00

Stewart-Warner 01-619  $100

RCA R-4 Superette Cathedral, cabinet needs work, nice when done  $225.00

RCA table model unknown   $50.00

RCA 96T7 missing bezel and knobs for parts $30.00

Philco PT-3, set working  $50.00

Philco-Phone, early intercom box  $30.00

Sparton 103, radio hums  $50.00

RCA 95X1, works on pushbuttons  $60.00

Philco 42-PT-94  radio works, dial cord broken  $40.00

Parmak, model unknown, hums  $40.00

Aircastle 4068, with eyetube cabinet decent and knobs  $150.00

Stromberg-Carlson model unknown $45.00

RCA tombstone parts box  $30.00

Crosley 56PB  $65.00

Philco 610 complete radio, hums  $100.00

Philco 640 parts box  $40.00

Philco 40-150, radio hums, cabinet rough, needs speaker $40.00

Zenith 7S529, cabinet done, radio complete, needs rebuilt $250.00


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