Radios We've Sold or Items From Our Collection

Below you'll find some radios that were done for customers or pieces from our personal collection that are not for sale, but represent rare pieces that will give you an idea of what yours will look like when it's complete.  Enjoy!


     The radio pictured to the left is an RCA model 19K introduced in 1939.  It has 9 tubes and receives the standard broadcast band as well as 2 "Shortwave" bands.  In addition the radio was designed to accept input from a phonograph or television audio.   It has a self-contained antenna inside that was movable to optimize the reception from all directions.   The six pushbuttons on the front could be adjusted for "Automatic Tuning" of your favorite radio stations. Just push the button and the radio was tuned to the station.  The cabinet has walnut and maple veneers that were selected to give the contrasting look.  The young man that bought this radio was at the house to fix the garage door and opener and decided he "had to have one".  So we took care of that for him!

This is a Zenith 6S152.  It's a three band radio that covers 540 kHz to 19 MHz.  It has a four position Tone control , a local distance switch, the volume control and bandswitch controls that surround the dial assembly.  The Main tuning dial is the bigger knob at the center bottom of the dial.  This radio was brought to us by the customer in a working condition, but upon inspection it needed some rather extensive chassis repair.  He also had us refinish the cabinet while it was here and install his new grille cloth.  The grille cloth has a greenish tint in this picture but is actually gold and black.  It's the same grille cloth that you'd find on the Zenith shutterdial radios.  These make very nice radios when done and work well.


Golden Antique Radio Service

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