One question that is always asked is "How much to ship this radio?".   That depends on the size of the radio, the weight and the distance, so every radio is different.  I can give you some information that will help you, though.  On small table, tombstone, or cathedral radios, they can be shipped UPS or FEDEX without much trouble and packaged so that they arrive safe and sound.  I've shipped hundreds of radios over the last 20 years and have not had a problem.   I can say though, that it MUST be packaged properly to survive the trip.  I use only new packaging material and that cost is added to the shipping cost.   I have never charged for labor to ship small radios, so the average table radio usually runs about $45.00 shipping and materials to package, depending on the distance and weight.


       Consoles and Chairsides, though, are a different mattter.  The only really safe way to ship them is by bus.  Greyhound Package Express is the service I use and they get to most any location in the US.  It is the least expensive way to go for the size and weight of the average console.  They will ship up to one hundred pounds and they are very gentle with large items.  Sometimes I still have to remove the chassis or the speaker from the radio before shipping and put it in a separate box to make the weight restriction, but that doesn't happen often.  If I need to do that, I'll be talkiing to you on the phone to be sure that you can reassemble your radio when you get it.  One other thing to be aware of is that you will need to go to the bus terminal to pick up your radio, as Greyhound does not deliver to the destination address.  They will call you to let you know that your new radio is waiting for you, though.  Shipping by Greyhound with packaging can run from $80.00 to as much as $150  depending on the size, weight, distance and materials needed to package your particular radio.


Golden Antique Radio Service

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