Completed Radios Ready For Sale

What you'll find on this page are radios that are complete and ready for delivery.  They've been tested and are just waiting for a new space in your home or office.  The individual prices are listed with the descriptions of the radios.  These radios carry the usual warranty and are available for immediate shipment.

This is an Airline Model 62-308 also known as a "Movie Dial" set.  The set was designed in 1936, according to the dates on the service literature I've got.  It was built by Wells-Gardner in Grand Haven MI for Montgomery-Wards.   The set is known as a movie dial set because it uses a piece of 35 MM film wound on a drum for the dial and the light projected through it is reflected onto the screen by a mirror in the top of the set.  This film strip is is decent shape and readable in most spots. Below is a picture of the set in operation.   It's best seen in a soft light setting.  The grille cloth has been replaced, but the wooden knobs are original.  Price is $895 plus shipping.    


Golden Antique Radio Service

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