These are my radio inventory pages.  I've divided up the listings so that the consoles are by themselves as are the table radios and any chairsides or grandfather and grandmother clock radios that I have at any time. You'll find a listing of the particular make model, condition and whether I know if it works or not. You'll also find a price for that radio as-is, and in some cases a price for it completely restored. You may find more than one model is listed and the prices as-is may vary. That's because one may need more work to completely restore it than another.  Sometimes I've listed them as "parts boxes".  There is enough pieces there to be useful in fixing another radio of the same or similar model, but it's probably past the point of restoring that particular piece.  Got questions??  You can e-mail me at my contact page.  To view the inventory, click on the page tabs on the left side of the page.  You'll find other interesting stuff in the specials section.  The specials  tab is on the top of this page.


I specialize in the repair and restoration of antique radios from the early 1930's to late 1940's "the Golden Age Of Radio" , when radio was king and TV was just a dream!


Golden Antique Radio Service

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