The radios pictured here are available for purchase.  They in as-found condition, which means that they may need a little to a LOT of work :-).  Most of them are complete as far as main components are concerned, but may need small items such as knobs, bezels, dial glass or covers, grille cloth and the like.  They have not been tested electrically at all, but appear to be in restorable condition.  You can buy one without my restoring it or you can purchase it and I can do it for you as well.  I can do the chassis, cabinet, or both, your choice.  Take a look at what's here.  You might be surprised at what you find. Thanks for taking the time to look!!

Under each picture you'll find the year, make and model of the radio and condition.  If there is more than one of the same model on the site, you'll find reference numbers so you can refer to exact radio you're looking at



 RCA 6BK6 1936.  6 Volt farm set has outboard power supply for in house operation.  Cabinet nice, gille cloth usable.  $140 as-is, $650 completely restored.

Philco 630, 1936.  cabinet in decent shape, needs stripped and refinished, grille cloth replaced but is all there.  $110 as is $595 completely done.  

RCA 17K 1939  Chassis restored 10 years ago, cabinet in original decent shape, top needs refinished, $295 as-is, $495 top fixed, $650 complete refinish

Zenith 8S359 1939  cabinet nice needs lacquer recoat, Some knobs missing $150 as-is, $650 completely restored

Philco 40-180 1940 Cabinet nice shape, brass bezel here, new pushbuttons installed  $175 as-is, $750 completely restored.

Grunow 1191 1938  This one is done and sold, but I have another one that I do not have pics of yet.  drop me an e-mail on the specifics if you're interested.

We've finished this one and it's on the ready for sale page.  Check there for the updated price and pics.

 Zenith 10S668 1942 needs dial glass, cabinet nice, white knob version of 10669 $300 as is , $895 completely restored

 Zenith 10S153.  Cabinet is in decent shape.  Good playing radio when done.  $400 as is or $1095 done.

Zenith 6S152.  I have four of these.  Pic is pretty typical.  Complete the radio will go for $795.  If you want it as is, $350 will get it.  

 Zenith 10S669.  I have the piece for the foot.  $150 as is or $895 complete.  These radios are a VERY nice playing set

Zenith 8S463.  I have two of these.  this one is complete and in very nice shape.  $995 completely restored.  


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