Accessory and Specialty Items

What you'll find listed here are accessory or specialty items for antique radios or audio accessories.  Most often they are related to either the antenna that is attached to the radio or phonographs that were used with antique radios.  Not all antique radios are equipped to play records but many consoles (and some table radios) were and there were some stand-alone phono units that were designed to be wireless (Yup, wireless started back in the 30's).  If I have any, you'll find them here.  If I have any newer turntables available for converting your existing 78 RPM record changer in your console radio, you'll find them listed here.  If you have a record changer, tape or wire recorder that needs fixed, the you need to contact Gib at West-Tech services ( who can repair them. He can also rebuild, repair or replace your cartridge and take care of other needs that you might have in that area.  He is the fellow that does my work when I have that need.  Just click on the link on the page and it will take you right there.  Tell him that Kim from Golden Antique Radio service sent you.



Golden Antique Radio Service

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